Aqua Plus Linear Drainage

Aqua plus uses the same materials and manufacturing techniques as its parent range, Swarm Aqua®. Designed for use in areas that require a robust surface finish and a low flow rate, Aqua Plus is the perfect solution for longevity on block paved, concrete or asphalt driveways. No removable tops and a solid iron top make Aqua Plus a D400kN rated product.

Aqua Plus for smaller areas.

Aqua Plus is available in two sizes, 100mm and 150mm though both look the same once installed. Most driveways and smaller areas only require 100mm channels, though as Aqua Plus is rated to D400kN it can be used in a wider range of applications.

Our dedicated design team are able to calculate your drainage requirements for you, or you can do it yourself with our free drainage calculator, AquaCALC®.

Swarm Aqua Linear Drainage
Design Benefits
  • HDPE section made from 100% recycled material.
  • Two sizes and fittings from 100 – 150mm wide 
  • Channel manufactured to SN6, with a predicted design life over 60 years
  • Steel throat section can withstand higher vertical loads and shear forces.
  • Smooth bore, giving excellent hydraulic properties.
  • Longer lengths, resulting in fewer joints and improved installation quality.
  • Reduced weight for savings on transport and installation costs, with the added 
    benefit of improved Health & Safety.
  • The aesthetically pleasing cast iron top is ideal for schemes where attention to detail is paramount.
  • Easily specifiable with a dedicated design service.
  • Ease of installation with interlocking sections
  • From loading A15 to D400kN
100-150 D400 4.jpg

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Why Choose Aqua Plus?

The Swarm Aqua® slot drain system is a revolutionary hybrid surface water drainage system that is taking the market by storm. The system offers cost savings, is quick and simple to install and has a superior aesthetic finish. Despite its light-weight design, it’s also ideal for use in areas of heavy loading traffic (up to D400kN).


Aqua Plus was designed to complement the heavy-duty capabilities of Swarm Aqua® by giving an option for loadings up to D400kN, while providing a smaller, lighter product.

With a strong, durable ductile iron top section, this slot drain system combines steel side walls and HDPE Twinwall (plastic) conduit to make it the perfect solution for all external drainage applications.

What is a slot drain system?

A slot drain is a linear drain that is installed in the ground and is used to filter off groundwater. The main difference between a slot drain and other more traditional channel drainage systems is that a slot drain does not include any type of grating. Fundamentally, the slot drain is another type of trench drain or channel drain system.

The Swarm Aqua® drainage system is based upon the slot drain system and is manufactured to offer customers a number of key advantages.

Superior aesthetic finish

The narrow design of the slot drain means that less material is exposed than with other linear drainage systems, making it less obtrusive. Also, with a choice of cast iron, steel or stainless steel tops, you can achieve a far superior finish.

Simple to install

You don’t need to assemble Swarm Aqua® on site and because it has push-fit connections with a range of easy to use accessories, it is quicker and simpler to install than other drainage systems.

Cost Effective

When installed in large drainage areas, Swarm Aqua® works out as a more cost-effective drainage solution. The light-weight nature of the product also saves you transport and installation costs.

Ideal in Heavy Loading Traffic Areas

The strong, durable design of Swarm Aqua® means that when installed with a full concrete surround, it can be used in areas of heavy loading traffic up to F900.

Ideal in Heavy usage pedestrian areas

With only two 10mm openings visible at the surface level of Swarm Aqua®, this system is safe to use in areas of high pedestrian traffic.

Long Design Life

The twinwall channel is manufactured from 100% recyclable material (HDPE plastic) and is resistant to a range of chemicals, with a predicted design life of over 60 years.

Did you know? Surface Water Drainage
Surface water drainage is an important part of water management on every project. Swarm Water Management Ltd are the sole manufacturers of the Swarm Aqua® system. If your project requires surface water drainage, linear drainage or any other type of drainage then let our team of experts help you by saving you time and money on-site.
Swarm Aqua® is a hybrid linear slot type drainage system with a wide range of applications from small residential sites to the largest industrial plots.
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
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Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage
Swarm Aqua Drainage