K-Form Screed Railing

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K-Form Concrete Formwork Systems offer a revolutionary and efficient shuttering product that saves the contractor time and money with less labour. Swarm suggest the use of the K-Form Screed Railing sytem in conjunction with Swarm Aqua channels and gratings, this can increase the installation speed, quality and ensures that expansion of the slab is allowed for. 

K-Form plastic shuttering systems are a light weight, uPVC cast in place screed rail, strong enough to handle all types of mechanical screeds as well as providing control, construction and isolation joints. Straight quality joints are achieved every time while being versatile for all types of concrete slabs. 

uPVC is sourced from landfill diverted double glazing window frames making K-Form a completely recycled product which has the same UV and temperature stability as the original frame it came from.

The use of innovation in construction has become more important in recent times, especially when it can make and impact on cost, time and the environment. The CPD accredited seminar by K-Form, introduces K-Form and covers how its produced, the applications of use and the impact it can make to a project no matter what the size. K-Form discuss the benefits of their system and the implications of its use to the contractor and the client.
These seminars are suitable for architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, cost consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Click here to go straight to the K-Form enquiry form and they will be in touch to arrange a seminar to suit you.

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Key Benefits

  • No specialist tools required.

  • All types of power screeds are suitable to use with K-Form.

  • K-Form is strong enough to handle all types of levelling equipment.

  • Resistant to petrol, diesel and oil.

  • K-Form stays in place without backfilling or holding with stakes.

  • Enables adjoining bays to be poured consecutively.

  • Pre-drilled anchoring holes.

  • Fixing to steel decks possible.

  • No need to remove and clean.

  • Separate wear strip can be removed for sealing.

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Technical Brochure

Download the K-Form Technical Brochure Here.

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