Vortex Hydro-valve Flow Control Units

The innovative Vortex Flow Control solutions aid in throttling the flow rate of storm water before being discharged into your local storm drain or water course. They are custom fabricated after we have provided hydraulic calculations to cater to the specific needs of each customer. 

It is available in a range of sizes with varying flow rates to suit all specifications. It is used to control the flow of stormwater from the attenuation tank preventing downstream flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. Manufactured to customer specifications in order to achieve a specified flow rate at a given head height, this self-activating device uses vortex principles to control and attenuate stormwater flow without the need for moving parts or the need for an external power source. 

*available in a range of sizes with varying flow rates (1 – 50 L/s*) to suit many specifications. *Contact us for larger flow rates. 

More Information

For more information on using Vortex Flow Control Units, please contact us.

Features & Benefits

  • Typical Flow rate 1-50L/s*

  • Typical head heights: 450-3000mm*

  • WRc Certification

  • Customized Specification

  • No Moving Parts

  • Self-Activating

  • Self-Cleansing

  • Manual Bypass

  • Easy Installation

  • 3-6 Times Greater Orifice CSA

  • Hydraulic Data Available

Available Products

Curved Back 





Flat Back 







This unique patented design allows for quick and easy installation to various types of manholes (see above). The Hydro-Valve is fixed with steel stud anchors to the inside wall of the manhole. A manual by-pass is also incorporated in the valve for remote operation in the unlikely event of a blockage.


The Hydro-Valve produces a hydraulic effect to control the flow of stormwater. At low flow rates, water enters through the inlet and passes through the vortex chamber to the outlet without restriction. As the flow rate increases water enters through the inlet with sufficient energy to create a vortex in the chamber. This creates a considerable pressure drop between the inlet and outlet restricting the flow to an allowable discharge. The Hydro-Valve operates automatically with no moving parts or the need for an external power source.

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