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Domestic & Industrial Channel Drainage
Straightforward  |  Competitive  |  A15 - F900
Our Range Includes:

Domestic Drainage
C 250 Drainage
D 400 Drainage
F 900 Drainage

Our range of LIBERTY DRAIN™ systems are available in a variety of depths and widths:

100 mm Wide
150 mm Wide
200 mm Wide
300 mm Wide

50mm Deep

100mm Deep

150mm Deep

200mm Deep

300mm Deep

Full Product Brochure:

The Liberty Drain™ System

The LIBERTY DRAIN™ channel system is made up of 2 key components, the channel base and the grate. The channel base
is manufactured from thermoplastic polymer Polypropylene (PP). PP is a tough but lightweight material which helps reduce
transportation costs/carbon footprint and is 100% recyclable.

Fitted to the channel base is either a galvanised steel or polypropylene (100 mm wide only) edge protection which provides
the system with excellent protection against regular vehicle traffic.

The system is secured by way of 8 locking points per metre throughout the range and can be secured further by utilising a
series of galvanised steel anchors which offer increased anchorage. The channel is finished with your choice of recyclable
ductile iron gratings which are locked in position.



Specifying the Liberty Drain™ System

From site survey, drawing take off, hydraulic calculations, installation and maintenance of your product, EJ are committed to
working with you offering linear drainage systems that perform the way you expect.


A LIBERTY DRAIN™ channel, D 400 loading with an internal width of 100 mm, slot width of 6 mm, and internal depth of 150
mm would provide the following code: LDD100-6-150
The above information serves as a guide only and some options are only available on certain width/loadings. Our experienced
technical team are available for site visits and to make recommendations on choosing the correct solution.



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